The All-New 100% Electric Fiat 500 is on its way!

On the 3rd March at the Geneva Motor Show the public will have its first glimpse of the new electric Fiat 500.

A completely new car, the first electric car from the FCA Group designed to be the ultimate showcase for the Group's technology from every viewpoint: style, performance, safety and connectivity.

The electric 500 will have a range that is among the best in the segment and on a par with higher segments. When used in and around town, where frequent slowing and braking often allows battery recharging, the car's range will be even greater.

The electric 500 will feature all of the most advanced charging solutions, both domestic and public. Particular care has been taken to ensure that customers are able to charge their vehicle using any type of socket helping to minimize charging times.

Not to forget the new 500 will be equipped with the most recent on-board technology.

Don't miss it at the Geneva Motor Show!