New Car Sales

With Glyn Hopkin you benefit from access to a wide choice of new cars from a number of the industry’s leading names.

We are pleased to represent some of the world’s biggest automotive brands including Nissan, Suzuki, Kia, Renault, Dacia, Alpine and MG. This broad network of manufactures means that you are sure to find a new car that is perfect for your lifestyle and which meets your budget exactly. Superminis, MPV, SUVs and sports cars all feature in the line-up, and our experienced sales advisers will deliver excellent customer service as they help you browse our wide range of new cars. Every new car we have on sale is competitively priced, and you can select a finance package when buying your own to make paying for it much easier.

What are the options to pay for my new car?


We offer a number of different options for payment. If you're paying for your new car via finance, then most of our customers choose either Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) or Hire Purchase (HP). You can find out more by clicking here. We can offer various terms and deposits, to suit all budgets.

Do I receive a warranty with my purchase?


Yes. You will recieve a manufacturer warranty which is typically between 5 and 7 years depending on the manufacturer.

How long will I need to wait for my car?


Many of our listed cars, will be ordered directly from the factory, individually specified to your requirements – however, you can also enquire about what cars we have in stock, including nearly new and pre-reg cars.

Lead times for factory ordered cars can vary depending on the make and model purchased, where the car is being built, and whether there is a current production run of that vehicle already in progress (many factories operate a batch production process, so different models will be manufactured in batches on the same factory production line at different times).

Nearly new and pre-reg cars have far shorter waiting times, usually restricted only by the time it takes to complete the paperwork and get the car delivered.

What information do you need from me to apply for finance?


As an absolute minimum requirement to complete a finance application we will need at least 1 valid from of photo ID along with some proof of current address.

When would my first payment on finance be due?


Typically your first payment will need to be made one month after you sign your finance agreement. Please refer to your finance documentation for specific details about this.

Used Car Sales

As one of the UK’s largest automotive retailers, Glyn Hopkin is well placed to supply you with approved used cars that are perfect for your driving needs.

Our 2,000 plus stock of Approved Used vehicles comprises a wide range of makes and models, with manufacturers such as Fiat, Kia, Honda, Nissan, Renault, and Suzuki all represented. We also have our extensive electric and hybrid range. Our extensive selection of vehicles covers a range of needs too. Our economical city cars are a great option for those living in urban areas and anyone looking for low running costs. Our sophisticated saloons, meanwhile, make affordable family cars and our capable SUVs are perfect for those looking for adventure. Browse our full range of Approved Used cars below and use our filters to find the make and model you prefer, or alternatively search by mileage, budget, transmission and more.

How do I know if the car is still available?


Our website reflects live availability, so you can rest assured that if your perfect car is available on our website, you can buy it! However, we do recommend that you reserve it to ensure nobody else gets in before you, plus the deposit to hold a vehicle is fully refundable if you change your mind!

I've seen a car online I'm interested in, how can I reserve it?


Just use our website to find the car you are after and we would then recommend reserving it online or through our call centre for just £99 with a fully refundable deposit. The links to reserve the car are on the vehicle details page or alternatively phone us and our dedicated sales team will help you. If you reserve online then we'll contact you to arrange an appointment to come and see the car in our showrooms and allow you to test drive.

Can I see the car before I buy it?


Yes of course! Please arrange an in-store appointment by calling us, or visit your nearest showroom during opening hours. Please remember that you can also reserve the car online for a fully refundable £99, to ensure nobody else is able to purchase it before you've had the chance!

I've reserved a car to view, is my £99 refundable if I don't like it?


Yes! The £99 reservation fee holds the car for you to view it and is 100% refundable if you decide not to purchase.

What documents / things do I need to remember to bring with me when I collect my car?


A member of our team will go through the required proofs with you during your sale process. We will always need some form of official photo ID and the documents for your part exchange, if you're part exchanging with us. Please let us know if any of this is a problem and we can try to find a solution with you.

Motability Car Sales

​Glyn Hopkin is an active partner of the Motability Finance Scheme and our network of over 50 dealerships across the South East is staffed by dedicated scheme experts. 

We are committed to helping members choose their next vehicle and a suitable lease plan, but our efforts don't stop there as we can also organise any modifications that may be needed and provide servicing for the model as it is required. With brand new cars from some of the industry's biggest manufacturers available from our dealerships, we are the ideal destination for current & prospective members who want choice. And as is the case with our other products and services on offer, excellent customer service is part of our package.​

Can I join the scheme?


Yes, as long as you receive a qualifying mobility allowance with at least 12 months left.

Which type of vehicle suits me best?


Different vehicles suit different people, so we’ll help you decide between our vehicle types and any adaptations.

We’ll help you make sure you’re making the right choice for you.

Click here to see what's available.

How do I pay?


We’ll receive your payments straight from your allowance provider, to make paying simple. So you know – you might need to top this up with an Advance Payment.

How do I apply and order?


Once you’ve had a test drive and you’ve found a vehicle you like, visit one of our dealerships where we will guide you through the process.

What is included in the Motability worry-free package?


The package includes Insurance, Servicing & MOT and Breakdown cover.

Click here for more information.

Fleet & Business Sales

As a business customer you can rely on the Glyn Hopkin Fleet Department to deliver the vehicles you need at a price that looks after the bottom line.

We offer support and strive to make the process of building a fleet or purchasing a single company car straightforward. Our new approach is an alternative to the fragmented method often employed by dealerships and it brings all services into one place for simplicity

What is a business car lease, and how does it work?


A business lease with Glyn Hopkin enables you to select a brand-new car (or a fleet of vehicles). We work with Renault, Nissan and Kia, which means you have plenty of options.

As opposed to a personal lease, a business lease allows you to lease a car on behalf of your company, provided you are a VAT-registered business. The lease length typically lasts between one and five years, during which time you or your employees can use the car for business and personal purposes.

What kind of credit score is required for me to lease a car for my business?


A ‘good’ score will be sufficient; a minimum score of 881 (according to Experian’s rating system) is generally considered to be enough.

If you’re not sure whether you have a qualifying credit score, please contact a member of the business team at your local Glyn Hopkin showroom today.

How long will my business lease last?


Our business lease solutions are very flexible, and typically last between one and five years.

What do I need to lease a business car?


To qualify for a business car lease, you need to be a:

  • Limited company
  • Private limited company
  • Sole trader (with a bank account registered with your sole trading name)
  • VAT-registered business
  • Limited liability partnership
  • Partnership (two or more partners working in the business)

What happens at the end of a lease term - can I buy the vehicle or renew the lease?


There is an option to buy with a Lease Purchase. Otherwise, yes, you’re perfectly welcome to renew your lease when the agreement ends. In fact, you can do so while selecting a newer, upgraded model.


For the finest post-purchase service at the most competitive rates, visit any of the Glyn Hopkin dealerships spread across London, Essex, Hertfordshire, Suffolk, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, or Cambridgeshire. With over 50 state-of-the-art service centres at our disposal, we employ highly skilled technicians equipped with manufacturing knowledge, ensuring that we consistently meet the industry's highest standards.

Our team is confident in providing comprehensive maintenance for your vehicle, covering servicing, certified MOT testing, and repairs. Rest assured; your vehicle will be swiftly returned to you with keys in hand. Our commitment to transparency means you'll always receive a fixed price quotation before any work commences, and we will only proceed with tasks after obtaining your approval, using genuine parts exclusively.

What is your Service pricing?


We have competitive offers across our brands to find out more, please visit https://www.glynhopkin.com/offers/

How do I book a service?


You can book a service online with us. Please visit https://www.glynhopkin.com/service-parts-repair/online-service-booking/

How to find out the progress of my vehicle?


Please get in touch with your dealership directly or enquire online by visiting https://www.glynhopkin.com/our-locations/

Parts & Accessories

The Glyn Hopkin Group considers online shopping as a progressive measure to better cater to our customers' requirements. Our objective is to provide an extensive selection of authentic vehicle parts, accessories, and merchandise for various brands, including Abarth, Alfa Romeo, Alpine, Dacia, Fiat, Honda, Jeep, MG, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Renault, and Suzuki.

Shop online today by visiting https://www.glynhopkinpartsonline.co.uk/