Our 30th Anniversary Glyn Hopkin Timeline Since our first site opened in 1993 the Glyn Hopkin Group has grown to become one of the UK’s largest and most successful automotive dealership networks.
1992 Company formed by Glyn Hopkin
1993 Romford Nissan / Head Office opens
1996 - 1999 Additional 3 Nissan dealerships open
2000 - 2003 Additional 5 Nissan dealerships open and Fiat added to group portfolio with the opening of 2 Fiat dealerships.
2005 - 2008 Additional 2 Nissan dealerships open, additional 4 Fiat dealerships open and Abarth added to group portfolio.
2009 - 2013 Additional Fiat dealership opens, additional 2 Abarth dealerships open with Alfa Romeo and Jeep added at 2 locations. Honda, Mitsubishi, Suzuki and Infiniti brands also added to group portfolio.
2014 - 2017 Additional 4 Nissan dealerships open, additional 2 Fiat dealerships open, additional Jeep and Abarth dealerships open and Renault and Dacia added to group portfolio with the opening of 3 dealerships.
2018 Glyn Hopkin celebrates 25 years in business 2018 sees continued growth and expansion with additional 2 Suzuki, 2 Alfa Romeo, Abarth and Jeep dealerships opening as well as Alpine and MG brands also added to group portfolio.
2020 - 2023 2 Kia dealerships added to group portfolio, additional Mitsubishi and Alpine dealerships open, 7 additional MG dealerships open and Nissan dealership opens in Mill Hill making Glyn Hopkin the UK’s largest MG and Nissan dealer group.
2023 2023 Glyn Hopkin celebrates 30 years in business.