It’s one of those “why didn’t anybody think of that before” ideas……

Designed in collaboration with Sound Designer and Sleep Coach, Tom Middleton, Nissan have created a world-first lullaby, specifically designed for electric vehicles to help parents send their young children to sleep.

Over half (51%) of UK parents use ‘dream-driving’- the act of setting out in the car specifically to get their child to sleep – with two thirds (62%) doing this once a week.

Parents spend an average of between 20 and 25 minutes on a ‘dreamdrive’, with the average distance covered on any one single outing being around five miles. Not only do these trips produce additional carbon emissions, (around 70kg of CO2 per family, per year), but the annual fuel bill of all ‘dream-driving’ parents in the UK is estimated to be more than £33.5 million. Around 70% of parents believe it is the movement of the vehicle that helps lull their children to sleep, however research reveals that the soothing frequencies from the engine are also a major contributor in bringing on the sleep process.

Enter the Nissan LEAF ‘dream drive’ which sends your young ones to sleep without harming the environment.

According to expert Paul Speed-Andrews, Noise and Vibration development manager at Nissan, “Although an electric vehicle like the Nissan leaf is a more environmentally considerate choice for ‘dream driving’; the quiet soundscape of an EV might not be as effective as internal combustion engine (ICE) cars.

Made up of five, three- minute tracks, the soundscape mimics the peaceful audio frequencies of a combustion engine but without the carbon cost.

Tom and Nissan’s engineers identified the differences between EV and combustion vehicles through simulated drives and frequency visualisations. This enabled them to pinpoint what sounds and frequencies send babies and young children to sleep.

Using various data and combining recordings Tom turned the Nissan leaf and Nissan Qashqai into an orchestra and created a dream drive optimized album, with powerful lulling effects for babies and children.

Parenting expert, Elizabeth O’Shea added; “One of the biggest worries new parents have is how to get their baby to sleep. Parents soon realise that taking a drive in the car is a great way to get them to nod off.”

“But how interesting that it’s the sound frequencies of a combustion engine, rather than the movement that helps them fall asleep.”

Dream driving a Nissan Leaf could equally be as relaxing for the parents as it is for their children. Zero exhaust emissions and the car’s e-Pedal functionality aid a smoother ride whilst allowing seamless driving and braking with a single pedal.

In addition, proPILOT Assist significantly reduces driver stress during highway driving and makes dream driving at night more comfortable and safer. It helps the vehicle maintain a steady speed, keep a safe distance away from other cars and remain within the vehicle lane.

Parents can connect their smartphone to their Nissan Leaf through Android Auto and Apple CarPlay to enjoy the lullaby available on platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube and Deezer.

Click below to listen to the zero-emission lullaby:


Unfortunately, as they get older, Nissan cannot be held responsible for quotes such as: “Are we there yet?”.

The Nissan leaf Lullaby.

It’s the stuff of which dreams are made.