Why Go Electric? The Nissan LEAF was one of the first modern electric vehicles on today’s roads. Since its launch, Nissan has improved and expanded its offering, with two electric cars and two electric commercial vehicles now on offer. Delivering impressive performance and range while benefitting the environment, the Nissan EV line-up is taking zero-emissions motoring to new heights.

Benefits of buying electric​

Not only are electric vehicles better for the environment, they also bring financial benefits to both private and business users. They’re cheaper to run, costing an average of 2-4p per mile, and incur lower maintenance costs and road tax. Business users can enjoy lower benefit-in-kind rates and operating costs throughout ownership. In addition, EVs provide an exciting drive thanks to instant torque delivery and keen acceleration.

Types of electric vehicle

Nissan’s current EV offering consists entirely of 100% electric vehicles.

All-electric All-electric vehicles (EVs) run completely on electric power, without the support of a combustion engine.
They must be plugged into an electrical source to recharge.
Self Charging Hybrid A self-charging hybrid uses power from the combustion engine to re-charge the small battery pack which supports it. Electric-only range is very limited, but there’s no need to plug the vehicle in.
Plug In Hybrid A plug in hybrid has an electric motor to support the combustion engine and also offers electric-only capability. It must be connected to an electrical source in order to recharge the battery.


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