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Electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles are becoming increasingly popular in the UK and will soon become the norm on our roads. But if you invest in an electrified car, where can you charge it?

Where can I charge my car?

With more than 17,000 charging points across the nation, there are plenty of places in the UK where you can charge your vehicle. Here are some of the options:

Fast chargers (7kW)

You’ll find fast chargers in a range of public places, from hotels and shopping centres to public car parks. You’ll typically need to use your own cable to connect to them, and recharging to 100% capacity takes four to seven hours. These are often free to use.

Rapid chargers (50kW)

Rapid chargers can be found at the vast majority of motorway service stations, and often have a cable supplied. They can charge your vehicle to 80% capacity in as little as 40 minutes. These points often charge a fee for use.

Ultra-Rapid chargers (100kW+)

Ultra-rapid DC chargers can charge an EV battery even faster. Typically rated at 100kW upwards, 350kW chargers are starting to appear in the UK. Ultra-rapid chargers can refill an EV battery to 80% in around 20 minutes.

Workplace charging

Many businesses are meeting the needs of EV drivers by installing chargers at their premises. You’ll likely need your own cable, and charge times can vary depending on the unit installed.

If you’re planning a journey, why not check out the Zap Map website for an at-a-glance view of all the charging points in the UK? There’s also an app you can download for use on the go.

How much does charging cost?

Your charging costs are easiest to manage with a smartphone app, although newly-installed rapid charging points are required to have contactless payment facilities. Most points will charge around £1.50 per hour, with Ecotricity service station chargers costing £3 for up to 45 minutes.

Services such as Polar network enable you to pay a monthly subscription, which makes managing costs easier and access to charge points quicker.

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