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Electric vehicles are quickly becoming more and more common on our roads and it’s no wonder why that’s the case. With a host of different models now available on the market, electric cars could easily become commonplace on our roads. With EV technology maturing fast, distance is going up with charging time going down, and with prices quickly following suit to help make the models more affordable to purchase and to run, it’s never been easier to find electric cars for sale on the UK market. Consumers can get their hands on these energy efficient alternatives and with charging points popping up all over the country, worrying about the distance you’re travelling in your futuristic car is a thing of the past.

Benefits Of Electric Vehicles

Electric cars offer lower running costs and with low or zero emissions, you could even find yourself paying lower charges in Clean Air Zones too, if you’re not completely exempt. While range and availability of electric vehicles has been a concern for drivers in the past, the developing technology within new models are promoting longer journeys, affordable prices and the opportunity to purchase used versions for far more affordable prices. With charging costs for a full charge of just £3-5 depending on the car you have, you can travel, on average, 100 miles with just a single charge. This works out about four times cheaper than petrol or diesel alternatives!

Electric Cars For Sale At Glyn Hopkin

If you’re seeking out electric cars for sale, here at Glyn Hopkin we have a range of new or used electric vehicles to choose from. Whether you’re looking for electric cars, or an electric van, the models available on the market today are certainly worth testing out. Our collection of brand new electric cars for sale include the Nissan LEAF & Renault Zoe – and that’s not all. We have a wide range of vehicles available, so why not take a look at our range online, or visit one of our showrooms?

Whether opting for used electric vehicles, or new electric cars are more your style, we offer finance options on all of our vehicles for you to choose from. With low-cost servicing plans ensuring that your new or used car is kept in optimal condition for as long as possible, you can drive away with an electric car and start saving on costs and emissions today.

If you’d like to view any of our cars in person, feel free to get in touch with us here at Glyn Hopkin by finding your local dealership, and giving us a call.