‘Green number plates’ introduced to boost EV demand ahead of 2030 deadline

With the 2030 deadline for the end of pure petrol and diesel vehicles sales fast approaching, green number plates, which came into affect December 8th, are being introduced to boost awareness of electric vehicles.

With 29% of people also looking to cut their motoring costs this year, it could come as a surprise to find out just how much an EV can help, thanks to a variety of existing financial benefits and the potential for more as local authorities look to encourage EV adoption.

Featuring a green flash down the left hand side, they can be fitted to all-electric vehicles and could lead to the introduction of additional EV-only incentives in towns and cities across the country.

Andrew Humberstone, managing director of Nissan Motor GB, said: “The age of the electric vehicle is now approaching rapidly and these new green registration plates will soon be a common sight on our roads.

“Zero emission electric vehicles unlock incredible benefits for everyone, but while many people know about the environmental benefits, many car buyers still don’t realise they could also save significant sums buying and running an electric car.”

News last month that the Government will end sales of new petrol and diesel cars and vans in 2030 have now put electric vehicles firmly on motorists’ radar, and the new registration plates will make them even easier to identify.

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