Does your air conditioning need a re-gas?

In the hot weather does your vehicle's air conditioning fail to cool the car sufficiently?
Do the windows fail to de-mist with the air conditioning on?
Does the air conditioning make a strange noise when running?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then your air conditioning may need an air conditioning re-gas, now only £89.99 including VAT

For many motorists, air conditioning is a must-have feature in any new or used car. After all, on those hot and balmy summer days, a well air conditioned car may be the perfect place in which to escape. But air conditioning systems are about far more than keeping you cool, with such systems working as a dehumidifier and helping you demist your windscreen.

Of course, like any system in a vehicle, air conditioning units need regular maintenance to ensure optimum performance, helping keep the system clear of bacteria and ensuring that the system doesn’t compromise the overall economy of your vehicle. At Glyn Hopkin, we’re delighted to be able to carry out a full inspection and provide a re-gas for a competitive price.

Get in touch with the aftersales team at Glyn Hopkin today to schedule a service and re-gas of your vehicle’s air conditioner. We’ll provide you with a full quotation and book you in for a time that suits you.