Servicing & Parts Offers

We can make sure that during the ownership of your new vehicle you have the right support, and to help we have many great offers around our servicing and parts available. Whether you need support after an accident, new car tyres, air conditioning gas refill or interested in a Glyn Hopkin service plan, we have some great offers for you. At Glyn Hopkin, we are proud to offer superb aftersales to all customers who have purchased a new or used car with us, which is why we have over 50 modern service centres around the UK to provide this.

Browse below our full list of current servicing and parts offers for you. Make sure to check back regularly as we update our offers often with some offers available for a limited time.

Interest-free Glyn Hopkin Service Plans

We can provide fixed price service plans for any vehicle you purchase through Glyn Hopkin, making it easier to manage the cost of servicing your vehicle by spreading the cost. Our service plans are inflation-proof and designed to keep your vehicle in top condition for longer. Our service plans will cover the complete cost of your standard servicing and include parts and labour, apart from any normal wear and tear to tyres, brakes, windscreen wipers etc. For more information, read about our fixed price service plans offers here.

Free Glyn Hopkin Accident Aftercare

If you’re unfortunate to suffer an accident during the ownership of a vehicle from Glyn Hopkin, we can provide you with free accident aftercare, available 24 hours a day. With no claim forms and no cost to you, call us first before contacting your insurer, whoever is at fault, and we will guarantee the highest quality repair to manufacturer standard. We will also manage the insurance claim process and provide you with a free courtesy car – find out more about Glyn Hopkin Accident Aftercare here.

Air Conditioning Gas Re-Fill & Disinfectant

We understand that you’ll want to keep your air conditioning topped-up and clean throughout the whole year, that’s why we can provide air conditioning gas refills for only £79.99 including VAT. Take advantage of this great offer today so you can demist your screen and improve your heating system no matter if the weather is hot or cold – take advantage of our air conditioning gas offer here.

We can also provide an air conditioning disinfectant service to ensure that the system is germ and bacteria free, now just £15 including VAT. For more information, read about our air conditioning disinfectant service here.

New Car Tyres and Engine Performance

At some point, you will need to replace any worn tyres and our offers on new tyres will ensure you get the price for your vehicle. We can provide new car tyres from just £19.95 including VAT that will provide a smooth ride in no time. Find out more about our new car tyres offers here.

As well as new car tyres, we can help maintain your engine’s performance throughout the year, with our Techron fuel treatment service currently only £24.99 including VAT. Not only will the fuel system cleaner improve fuel consumption, but it will also prevent future wear and provide a smoother running performance. For more on this offer, read about enhancing engine performance here.

Be sure to check here regularly for all our latest service and parts offers; if you have any queries about our Glyn Hopkin Service Plans or just want to know more about anything else, click the links or contact us directly today.