Winter Driving – be prepared with Glyn Hopkin

It’s that time of year again.

At Glyn Hopkin, we are here to help keep you and your vehicle safe during the winter period.

Winter driving can be challenging, so we have put together a checklist to keep you motoring safely.


Plan your journey beforehand. Use on-line maps to check areas that may be particularly prone to being weather-beaten.

Ensure you have things in your vehicle that you may need in the event of a breakdown. Such items to include in your In-Car survival kit are ;- an ice scraper, hi-vis jacket, water proofs, warning triangle, flask containing a hot drink, snacks, snow-chains, blanket, first aid kit, torch and spare batteries, spare tyre, a fully-charged mobile phone, jump leads, any medications. It is also worth checking that you have the telephone number of your roadside assistance company.

Do also check all levels, including anti-freeze. Check your tyres, including their depth and air.

Control your speed

In normal, dry road conditions, the ‘two-second rule to the car in-front’ still applies. In wet weather, you need to double this. Whilst driving in icy conditions, this should be up to ten-times greater. Extended separation distances are crucial in poor conditions where the road is slippery.

It’s not just grip on the road that can alter things. Visibility can be hugely affected when driving in fog or heavy rain. You see obstacles much later, thus impacting your ability to assess how to respond/your reaction time. Match your speed to the visibility. The less you see, the slower you should drive.

Drive smoothly

There are a number of factors that can affect a vehicle’s stability and these can have a greater impact during poor weather.

From applying too much power to braking too abruptly or steering erratically, all these factors can upset the balance of your car, ultimately leading to unsafe driving conditions.

Remember, no jerky/sudden movements.

Do not ignore faults

Anything from a cracked windscreen to a poorly-charged battery, or warning lights on your dashboard, should not be over-looked. Even if you drive perfectly, a car that is not performing at its optimum level could cause unnecessary breakdowns or accidents.

In-short, do ensure your vehicle is free from ills before heading-out on the road.


Do remember that The Glyn Hopkin team are always here for you and your vehicle, whatever the weather. Why not book your vehicle in to one of our many workshops and let the experts check it over in time for the coming winter months?

We always take the safety of our customers and staff very seriously and will always ensure social distancing is observed.

Stay safe.

Your Glyn Hopkin Team

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