Evaluation day came and The Top Gear class of 2022 was revealed with some very worthy winners.

So here are the results. We start with a manufacturer that has taken not one, but two awards ;


First accolade; Hot Hatch of the Year

Of its first award, the Honda Civic Type R was bestowed the worthy title: Hot Hatch of the Year and it was one, very brave Chris Harris – automotive journalist, racing driver and reviewer, that took it out on the Top Gear test track.

“What more could you possibly want”? he enthused, whilst revealing “it has more power than ever before”. Its turbo-charged engine delivering 324 bhp, reaching 170 mph and boasting a very impressive 0-60 in a mere 5 seconds.

In addition to all its performance-oriented characteristics, the Type R boasts a spacious and practical cabin, impressive safety features and a relatively affordable price tag. All this whilst delivering the best driving experience in the hot hatch segment.

Second accolade; Car of the Year

Chris Harris also delivered the Car of the Year title to the Honda Civic Type R. Why? Well, he starts with the cars nod to its pure heritage, namely the red accents of the interior and the metal gear lever. He found it fun to drive with “just the right amount of presence, performance and swagger”, adding; “in a world where everything just seems a little excessive, the Honda Type R doesn’t need to scream ‘look at me’, it just delivers”.

Readers’ Choice, The Dacia Jogger

The Dacia Jogger is a seven-seat car unique in its own segment, combining the versatility of a sport tourer with the comfort and rugged style of an SUV. Available in three trim levels – Essential, Expression and Extreme SE – all versions being equipped with air conditioning, cruise control and rear parking sensors as standard. Just a few of the many reasons it has been recognised in The Readers’ Choice segment of the awards.

Readers voted the Dacia Jogger their favourite after Top Gear asked them to choose from a shortlist of 43 cars that it had reviewed throughout 2022.

Commenting on the Jogger’s success, Jack Rix, Editor, Top Gear Magazine, said: “Given that the poll also included a range of multi-million pound hypercars, this is quite the coup for Dacia. We’re assured that a new public holiday is being planned in Romania to mark the occasion. Dacia’s cut price people carrier is the worthiest of winners”.

Luke Brand, Dacia Brand Director for the UK said, “it’s fantastic that the Jogger resonates with thousands of car enthusiasts, adding to the many families and drivers who are already enjoying its clever features and impressive practicality. While unrivalled value is at the heart of every Dacia, this award proves that drivers recognise quality and innovation, regardless of how much a car costs. We believe we have created something special in the Dacia Jogger and I am thrilled to see that Top Gear readers agree, voting it above cars that many people can only dream of.”

Bargain of the year Award – MG4 EV

An affordable EV that has absolutely everything you could possibly want from a practical, electric, family hatchback, says Jack Rix – Editor, Top Gear Magazine.

It’s the car that’s absolutely packed with style, innovation and a very impressive 281 miles of driving range. It’s the car that’s the fuss-free extension of your life and looks the part whilst doing so. Long wheelbase and thin batteries ensure it has loots of space, especially in the boot. In the front, there’s even the choice of heated front seats, heated steering wheel and mobile phone Bluetooth Key.

The MG4 EV effortlessly combines sport-like performance whilst remaining a family hatchback.

Manufacturer of the Year award – Kia

The Kia Sportage has made a killing in the sales category, whilst Kia’s sheer line-up of electric vehicles is continually expanding, leaving the competition firmly in the shadows.

From the Nero EV, the EV6, the EV6 GT, and the seven-seat EV9 just around the corner, it’s little wonder that Kia took the title ‘manufacturer of the Year’.

Jack Rix commented: “Kia’s recent form is remarkable. Despite gale force headwinds, the upward trajectory simply shows no signs of abating. In fact, it’s getting braver. Kia is the brand that absolutely refuses to sit still”.