Kia Confirmed as No.1 Car Brand in January!

An exceptional start to 2022 for Kia as it is confirmed as the best-selling car brand in the UK car market for January.

A phenomenal 9.1% market share sealed the Kia’s success with the Sportage being it’s No1 selling model and the Niro ranked at No3, in fact, all Kia models have seen an unprecedented demand in supply.

Perhaps one of the factors in Kia’s continued success is the way it continues to dominate the EV market with 19% of sales in January being EV’s and over on third being electrified.

The eNiro became the best-selling EV by a vast margin.

A further contributory factor must be the Kia EV6, recently being voted as the What Car? Car of the Year.

The following few months are also set to be very strong for the Kia brand, with the all-new Sportage being recently launched at the National Test Drive event near Windsor where initial reactions proved to be very encouraging.

Going from strength to ever-continued strength, it will certainly be very difficult to ignore the Kia ‘family’ over the next few weeks and months as it commands centre stage in many a showroom.

It seems Kia is winning everything in its sight, including, it seems, people’s hearts.

Be part of the Kia success story.