Local Business owner saves thousands with the all-new Nissan e-NV200

A Hackney-based fish curers and smokers has turned to Nissan’s modern technology to deliver their very traditional produce.

Always trying to find ways to minimise outgoings in business, Max Berguis, owner of Secret Smokehouse found that he would be able to save an estimate of £4,500 from using the all-electric e-NV200

His van which was supplied by a nearby Nissan Glyn Hopkin dealership has been the perfect mode of transportation for him getting around London for deliveries; and he also is eligible for a 100% discount on the London Congestion Charge where majority of his clients are.

“Secret Smokehouse prides itself on remaining faithful to the fish smoking principles and techniques laid down in the 1800’s where it all began. However, for delivering our produce, including smoked salmon, trout, haddock and kippers, we are using a very modern all-electric Nissan e-NV200 van. This helps to massively reduce every day running costs, while also having a major environmental advantage producing zero emissions on the roads of London.” – Max Berguis

Nissan’s multi-award winning e-NV200 is Europe’s best-selling electric van and running costs start at just 2p per mile. Find out more about this vehicle here: CLICK HERE