Glyn Hopkin Supply Vehicles in aid of a 110-mile Charity Rickshaw Ride

A team from the Upminster Freemasons peddled their way through a 110-mile fundraising journey from Upminster to Norfolk with a Chinese rickshaw.

The Chinese rickshaw that travelled across the world to end up in Havering was put to good use to raise an impressive £6,500 for children battling cancer. During the courageous mission, the team were met with many obstacles along the way; it ended up in a ditch following a sudden manoeuver, was stopped by police in Cambridgeshiere and at times endured issues with the chain.

However, this did not prevent them from accomplishing their goals with its dynamic 10-man crew on the scene. Glyn Hopkin supplied the loan of two vehicles for the event – the Nissan Navara and X-Trail to help them raise money for such a great cause.

Peter Banks, Upminster Masonic Centre chairman, said: "When it arrived we realised that it was originally made for smaller riders but we quickly adapted it by moving the seat and making a few adjustments."

"The members at Upminster loved the idea of a fundraiser so we decided to set off on a 110-mile sponsored ride which took us a couple days to complete and while it was not without incident – the end result has been worth it.”