Oscar-winner Adrien Brody is back on board the Fiat icon in the new international advertising campaign set in 60s Milan to celebrate its 60th Anniversary.

60 years ago on 4 July 1957, the first Fiat 500 was born – the campaign commenced with a short movie forming the commercial of the Fiat 500 Anniversary special series.

The video starts with a record player, playing “Come prima” by Mario Lanza, whereby Adrien Brody drifts off to sleep. After a fade to black, the actor leaves the house and traipses past his period Fiat 500, running his eyes lovingly over its iconic silhouette. Once through the front door, he realises that something is not quite right, as the 60s have turned into the present day. Brody then meets with a female protagonist on his journey, wearing a vintage dress but drives a Fiat 500 Anniversary.

They both enjoy a day in Milan together in the New 500 anniversary, in a mix of past and present, with a few small misunderstandings to underline the fact that they come from different eras. The short movie ends as Adrien Brody returns home, “See you again in the future, I hope”, he whispers – to commemorate the movie “See you in the future’ recently aired on Italian TV channels.

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