Top Euro NCAP Safety Scores for Nissan ARIYA and X-Trail

With safety being of paramount importance when choosing a vehicle, you’ll want to put your family and your trust in a vehicle that comes at the very top of the class.

Euro NCAP created the five-star safety rating system to help consumers, their families and businesses compare vehicles more easily and to help them identify the safest choice for their needs.

Vehicles rated five stars are deemed to be the safest on the market at the time of testing.

The Nissan ARIYA all-electric SUV and the electrified Nissan X-Trail e-Power have been awarded five-star safety ratings in the latest round of Euro NCAP assessments.

In the adult occupant protection category, both the ARIYA and X-Trail scored highly, with the ARIYA achieving a score of 86 percent and the X-Trail achieving 88 percent.

In terms of child occupant protection, both vehicles achieved near identical ratings, with the ARIYA at 89 percent and the X-Trail 88 percent.

In the crash-test assessment for child occupants based on 6 and 10-year old children, the X-Trail scored 23.3 points out of a possible 24, reflecting the protection it offers young occupants. The ARIYA also achieved an outstanding score, with 22.9 out of 24.

Both vehicles also achieved a maximum 12 points for the installation of child restraint systems.

Both vehicles feature several active safety aids, including intelligent emergency braking, which warns the driver and applies the brakes if the car anticipates an impact with a vehicle, pedestrian, or cyclist. Moving object detection alerts the driver to a possibly unseen object in proximity to the vehicle.

Dave Moss, Senior Vice President, regional research development, for Nissan Europe said: “the outstanding performance of both the new X-Trail and the ARIYA, which are very different vehicles, built on different platforms, demonstrates the cross-car strategy Nissan has for its models.”

Michiel van Ratingen, Euro NCAP’s Secretary General said: “In 2023, in line with its Vision 2030, Euro NCAP will be focusing on a range of new aspects. For example, we are putting in place autonomous emergency braking (AEB) protocols for motorcycles as well as new scenarios in passive safety for pedestrians and cyclists, extending the area where these two vulnerable users might interact with a vehicle. This is necessary progress in safety for other road users and we are collaborating closely with industry to ensure we meet Vision Zero objectives and that the demands that the demands of protocol are met.”