Free NISSAN roadside assistance for key workers

Nissan has temporarily introduced free Nissan Roadside Assistance for all key workers regardless of vehicle age or warranty coverage

Nissan Assistance policy is to ensure that we move customer vehicles to a safe location and support their journey home. A high number of Nissan dealerships may be closed in specific local markets and rental providers could also be limited in the vehicles they can supply. In these circumstances, we will prioritise courtesy cars / rental cars for key workers.

Nissan will offer all key workers complimentary Nissan Assistance (RSA) coverage regardless of vehicle age or warranty coverage.

PLEASE CALL 0330 123 1231

Terms & conditions:

Application of this policy is for countries which have an ongoing government lockdown / stay @ home policy. Once the UK government announces the end to its stay @ home policy, then Nissan will stop this Assistance policy after a grace period of 2 weeks and return to the normal policy.