Nissan Electric Vehicle Ambassador Margot Robbie Takes The Wheel

The world is turning electric yet still around 1.3 billion people live without access to the power the rest of us take for granted – Actress Margot Robbie is teaming up with Nissan EV to help change this.

Margot announced at the third Nissan Futures event in Oslo on October 2nd three new Nissan sustainability pilot projects in an aim to tackle vital areas of energy access and disaster relief.

A new short film about her role was issued at the event to express the importance of harnessing the power of the electric battery far beyond the car, focusing on communities identified as being most at risk or in need.

Margot Robbie, says: ‘The world is going electric, but the sad fact is that so many people around the world still don’t have access to a reliable source of electricity at all. Projects like the ones Nissan has announced today have the potential to make a genuine difference to people’s lives and help build a cleaner, safer, fairer future for everyone.”

The new Nissan sustainability projects will be piloted in 2018 and carefully monitored to report on progress throughout the year in the hopes of expanding them if proven beneficial throughout assessment. The projects are comprised of constructing a micro-grid system as a means to provide a power source for local communities; working with local municipalities in Europe to apply Nissan Electric Ecosystem into residential buildings and partnering with global disaster organisations to uncover ways in which Nissan can help.

Electric Vehicle DirectorGareth Dunsmore at Nissan Europe, says: “With a rapidly rising, urbanising global population, problems like access to energy, climate change, and poor air quality all risk getting worse rather than better – unless the world does something to address them. It’s great to have someone with Margot’s passion and profile on board to help us start bringing power and mobility to people in a sustainable and equitable way.”