New Nissan LEAF Wins First International Award

Following the announcement of the Best of Innovation award winners for 2018, the all-new zero-emission Nissan LEAF won its first international award.

Every year, the Consumer Technology Association reveals its CES Best of Innovation award winners leading up to the build-up of the January CES in Las Vegas whereby Nissan will exclusively display the new Nissan LEAF at the 2018 show.

Nissan’s leading investment in the new LEAF innovation, such as ProPILOT and e-Pedal technologies took the following honours: CES Best of Innovation award winner for Vehicle Intelligence and Self-Driving technology and CES honouree for Tech for a Better World. Daniele SchillaciExecutive Vice President for global marketing and sales at Nissan, said: “It is a great honour to have this early and important recognition for the new Nissan LEAF.”

“This award recognises products and technologies that benefit people and the planet, so it is fitting that the new LEAF has been honoured. It is more than just a car. It is the icon of Nissan Intelligent Mobility, our vision to move people to a better world.”

With an objective to introduce everyday useful innovations to more people worldwide than any electric vehicle (EV) has done before, the Nissan LEAF adds capabilities such as vehicle-to-home and vehicle-to-grid integration as a means to help owners know they can waste less and give back more.

In Western Europe production starts in December and goes on sale from February 2018.

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