A car every two minutes for 37 years: Nissan Sunderland Plant passes 11 million milestone

A celebration is certainly in order as the team at Nissan Sunderland have just reached a huge milestone.

Since production started in 1986, a staggering 11 million Nissans have rolled off the production line at its iconic hub, which is the heartbeat of every Nissan you see on our roads.

A brand new Nissan starts its journey here, on average every two minutes.

The very first car off the production line was a Nissan Bluebird, which took around 22 hours to build. Who could have possibly believed that 37 years later, a Blade Silver Nissan Qashqai e-Power would be the 11 millionth vehicle to be ‘born’ at the plant, marking the milestone figure?

(Just in case you were wondering, this top of the range Qashqai takes on average a mere 8.5 hours to build).

Adam Pennick, Vice President, Manufacturing, at Nissan Sunderland, said: “This milestone reflects the vast experience that our world-class manufacturing team has in delivering the quality cars that our customers love.

“We’ve come a long way since production first started with some iconic models on the way. But we’re always looking forward, and our fully electrified range and EV36Zero plan mean we have an exciting and sustainable future ahead.”

The 11 million is made up of nine different models, with 22 variants. Four models, Qashqai, Micra, Primera and Juke have gone past seven figures, with Qashqai the all-time highest at more than four million.

Last year Qashqai was the UK’s best-selling new car – the first British built model to win the award in 24 years.

The UK’s largest car manufacturer by volume, Sunderland Plant is home to a workforce of about 6,000 people. Nissan also supports a further 30,000 UK jobs in the supply chain, with about five million parts arriving every day at the plant.

Last summer Qashqai e-POWER and Juke Hybrid both went into production in Sunderland which, added to the all-electric Nissan LEAF, means the full range at the plant is electrified. So far more than 50,000 Qashqai e-POWER and 20,000 Juke HYBRID have been built.

The plant is also moving forward with its EV36Zero project, which consists of three main elements: a new electric vehicle, a 12GWh gigafactory with the company’s battery partner Envision AESC, and a microgrid to deliver 100% renewable energy to Nissan and suppliers.