The Teatro for Dayz - A High-Tech, clean canvas for sharing

Nissan will introduce its innovative ‘Teatro for Dayz’ concept at the Tokyo Motor show this year starting on October 30th.

The concept will be the first designed car specifically for the generation known as “share natives”. Nissan describes the “share natives” as the generation that went straight from birth into a digital technology world, but with them reaching driving age in a few years, they have shown little interest in cars so far.

This generation have never known a world without the internet and feel at home in this environment. For share natives, connecting and sharing is daily life and this is what they value above all else.

Nissan’s Product Planning General Manager, Hidemi Sasaki says that his generation “has always been connected through digital devices, email, social media and so forth” and that what moves them is “capturing experiences in photos and videos and sharing them” so therefore what matters is the “process of sharing.”

This is where the Teatro for Dayz comes in. The Teatro for Dayz offers share natives a clean canvas where they can transform the interior according to their whim. Image display technology supports this concept - turning seats, headrests, door trim and the instrument panel into a moving screen perfect for a generation wired for technology. With this in mind, share natives could change Teatro for Dayz interior design based on matching the look to the season, the weather or simply the ‘vibe’ of the day.

Teatro for Dayz exterior also serves as a canvas for ideas. It’s outfitted with LED screens that enable further self-expression along with Nissan’s signature V motion grill and headlamps. Colour scheme for the exterior is a satin white silver and full gloss white, resembling leading-edge handheld technology and providing even more space for design creativity for share natives.

Executive Design Director, Satoshi Tai provided an overview of Teatro for Dayz saying that “What Teatro for Dayz is, how it’s used, and what it could become is all up to the share native’s imagination."

This unique concept from Nissan is certain to start a new conversation about the function of vehicles. The Tokyo Motor Show will take place between the 30 th October and the 8th November 2015 with the Nissan booth in the West Exhibition Hall 2.