Nissan Wins AutoTrader Sustainability Initiative Award 2022

With sustainability being an evert-important part of keeping our planet healthy, every business is facing the challenge of “playing their part”, none more so than the car industry.

Auto Trader have announced Nissan as the winner of the The Sustainability Initiative Award 2022 – They have been recognized as the manufacturer with the most proactive approach to dealing with climate change through its products and manufacturing.

The experts from the Carbon Literacy Trust led the judging and found numerous Nissan models to be at the forefront of sustainability contributors.

Other vehicle manufacturers are continuing to play their part however, it is Nissan that saw the most consistency in keeping sustainability at the high-end of the thought train.

The Nissan Leaf hatchback has always led the way in making electric (EV) driving more affordable and now, Nissan is expanding its battery line-up and developing sustainable products to suit various needs. Then there’s the Nissan Ariya, an impressive vehicle in its own right, adding to the contribution. The Nissan Qashqai E-Power offers a pathway into electric power for those who may not have the domestic or local infrastructure to support their charging needs.

Congratulations Nissan on this most important accolade.