3 + Years Servicing | South East England | Glyn Hopkin

Fixed, Low Cost Servicing for Cars 3 Years or Older

At Glyn Hopkin we make servicing your car once it has come out of the manufacturer's 3 year warranty period simple with our 3 level fixed price servicing for cars over 3 years old.


  • Note any body damage
  • Fit car protection kit
  • Check operation of lights
  • Check washers and wipers
  • Change engine oil
  • Fit new sump plug washer
  • Fit new engine oil filter
  • Check brake pipes and lines
  • Check exhaust system
  • Check front brake pads
  • Check rear brake pads/shoes
  • Inspect tyres and set pressures

  • Report on tyre tread depth
  • Check cooling system for leaks
  • Check antifreeze content
  • Check all drivebelts (not cambelt)
  • Check all fluid levels
  • Add screenwash and top up fluids
  • Check and adjust clutch cable
  • Check battery condition
  • Road test to check brakes
  • Road test to check steering
  • Road test to check suspension
  • Road test to check engine & gearbox

  • Road test to check heating system
  • Road test to check abnormal noises


Bronze level package, plus:

  • Pressure check cooling system
  • Check suspension dampers
  • Check handbrake operation
  • Fit new spark plugs (excluding platinum)
  • Check and advise on cambelt change
  • Fit new air filter
  • Check and adjust idle speed


Bronze & Silver Package plus:

  • Renew brake fluid and bleed brakes
  • Replace coolant / antifreeze
  • Fit new fuel filter
  • Check PCV system
  • Check and adjust ignition timing
  • Check and adjust emissions

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