Why Go Electric? With climate change remaining one of today’s key issues, the production of electrified vehicles has accelerated. The automotive industry has embraced low and zero-emissions motoring, and drivers are being encouraged to do the same, with a tempting array of solutions now on offer.

Here at Glyn Hopkin, we’re delighted to present a wide range of hybrid and electric cars for our customers to discover. With models available from some of the world’s most renowned manufacturers, there’s plenty to choose from, whether you’re ready to dive headfirst into all-electric driving or prefer to take things slow and start with a self-charging or mild hybrid. Discover the electrified ranges from each manufacturer below.

Benefits of buying electric

Choosing an electric vehicle isn’t only great for the environment, they provide lots of benefits for drivers too. They’re cheaper to run, with electric-only cars costing around 2-4p per mile, and maintenance is cheaper too due to a smaller number of moving parts. In addition, electric motors provide instant torque, which means acceleration is swifter, making for a more dynamic drive. With government grants available on some EVs and home wall boxes too, there are lots of reasons to make the switch now.

Types of electric vehicle

There are four key types of electric vehicle:

    Mild hybrid A mild hybrid has a small battery that’s used to boost engine power in order to improve fuel economy. There’s no capability for electric-only driving
    Self-charging hybrid A self-charging hybrid uses power from the engine and technology such as regenerative braking to re-charge the battery pack. Electric-only range is limited, but there’s no need to plug the vehicle in.
    Plug-in hybrid A plug in hybrid uses a larger battery pack and must be connected to an electrical source in order to recharge. The electric range is typically greater than that of self-charging hybrids.
    All-electric All-electric vehicles (EVs) have no combustion engine and run solely on electric power. They must be plugged into an electrical source to recharge.


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