Menopause Workplace Pledge

Glyn Hopkin have signed our support for the Menopause Workplace Pledge. 

The key objective of the initiative is to encourage women going through the menopause to know that they can – and should – be fully supported in the workplace.

​To give you some context around the significance of the campaign, women over 50 are the fastest growing demographic in the workplace, but around 900,000 women have quit their jobs due to the menopause, while a further 25 per cent have considered it. 

Why? Without support in the workplace, symptoms such as anxiety, brain fog, fatigue, memory loss, hot flushes, and bleeding can cause a loss of confidence, decreased productivity, and less job satisfaction – all of which can contribute to the decision to hand in their notice.

Glyn Hopkin join the already long list of over 400 companies pledging their support for this campaign.

More information and resources about the Menopause Workplace Pledge can be found here

Balance - The Menopause Support App

The booklet linked below and the accompanying app was created by by Dr Louise Newson, GP and menopause specialist and founder of the Balance app and website, The Menopause Charity, and the Newson Health Menopause Society. Dr Newson is working with the NHS and UK Government bodies to improve awareness and treatment for all those affected by the perimenopause and menopause.

This booklet is written for individuals and workplaces, for men, women, and non-binary people, and for colleagues, managers and CEOs. The perimenopause and menopause affects everyone either directly or indirectly and, just like with mental health, creating an open and supportive culture around the menopause should be core business for organisations that seek to look after, retain and attract experienced staff.

Read the booklet and download the app using the links below.

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