The Motability Scheme offers hundreds of adaptations ranging from simple driving controls to person hoists to lift a wheelchair user into a standard car.

Not all adaptations are suitable for every type of car, it’s all about compatibility of car and adaptation. It’s therefore critical that you consider the adaptations you need before you choose your car.

Adaptations are divided into three categories:

To Help You Drive | To Help You Stow Your Wheelchair or Scooter | To Help You Get In & Out Of Your Car

The video clips below show how each of the adaptations work.


Driving adaptations help with speed control, steering and signalling, and they vary from simple attachments to replacing all existing controls with a system individually designed for you.

Watch the following videos to see examples of the most popular driving adaptations on the Scheme.

Hand Controls

Accelerate and brake with your hand

Left Foot Accelerators

Use your left foot for speed control instead of your right

Electronic Accelerators

Less effort than standard hand controls

Steering Aids

Often necessary if you require other driving adaptations

Remote Control Devices

Easy operation for indicators, windscreen wipers and lights


The best way to lift your wheelchair or scooter into your car is with a stowage system, such as a boot hoist or rooftop stowage unit. 

Watch the following videos to see these adaptations in action.

Car Boot Hoist

Attaches to your wheelchair and lifts it into the boot

Rooftop Stowage Unit

Lifts and stows a folded manual wheelchair in a box on the car roof


There are a number of adaptations that can be installed on a standard car to help access your car, if you are a wheelchair user. 

Watch the following videos to see examples of adaptations that may help you access your vehicle more comfortably.

Transfer Plate

Between the wheelchair and the car seat to help you transfer

Person Hoist

Physically lifts a wheelchair user into the driver or passenger seat

Swivel Seat

Specially adapted seat twists and sometimes lowers or tips