Two Suzuki models feature in What Car’s? Top 10 economical small petrol cars

Suzuki has got off to a great start for 2016 by having two of its cars place in the What Car? magazine’s top 10 most economical small petrol cars on sale in the UK today.

The cars that earned a place in the top position was the Suzuki Celerio and the Suzuki Swift, which had to undergo vigorous MPG testing by the publication’s technicians which was then compared with official fuel economy figures.

Topping the table for efficiency was the frugal 1.0-litre Suzuki Celerio Dualjet which achieved a “True MPG” of just 62.9mpg, and was the second most economical car out of the 165 that were tested. What Car? commented that the Suzuki Celerio was the “most economical small petrol car” that their technicians had tested and that aside from the impressive economy figures, it is also “well equipped and comes with versatile interior, making it a decent buy.”

The 1.2-litre Suzuki Swift carried on the winning trend reaching a “True MPG” of 51.7 with its manual transmission.The magazine complimented that the Swift was “great value for money” and that it would be “reasonably cheap to fuel.”

Both the Celerio and Swift are available with Suzuki’s innovative Dualjet technology. This intelligent technology positions the fuel injectors very close to the engine inlet valves, which results in a finer fuel mixture, and in turn, provides a more effective transfer into the powertrain. Internal modifications such as a new type of inlet port and combustion chamber, along with other mechanical parts also facilitate in a smoother drive for the vehicles. Unmistakeably, two key benefits of this technology is improved fuel economy and reduced CO2 emissions.

Dale Wyatt, Sales and Marketing Director at Suzuki GB PLC, said that the results from What Car’s? MPG tests were “very encouraging” and demonstrate the “exceptional value for money that the Suzuki range provides” as well as the “impressive return on investment that motorists receive for every gallon of fuel that they purchase.”

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