When it comes to subcompact vehicles with style, charisma and impressive power, the Suzuki Ignis doesn’t disappoint. Here at Glyn Hopkin we offer a wide range of Approved Used vehicles in excellent condition with the Ignis being a top choice for those looking for a versatile, hardworking and attractive runner.

Affordable and practical for everyday life, the Suzuki Ignis has a lot going from it with the two-tone effect on the dash and the body coloured trims on selected models adding a touch of class. With a unique boxy design, a tall body resulting in a surprising amount of cabin space and a bold colour palette, the Suzuki Ignis breathes a breath of fresh air into the urban vehicle class. Sliding rear seats also free up more boot space.

The perfect companion for combating city life, the Ignis takes on tight corners, narrow streets and small parking spaces with ease. Available with powerful engines, all-wheel drive solutions and finely tuned suspension, the Ignis is a joy to drive.

To find out more about the Ignis, contact Glyn Hopkin today. Enquire online or visit our modern showrooms in the South East. We’ve Suzuki dealerships in Watford, Essex and Cambridge. You can also reserve or buy the Approved Used model of your choice online.