Not content with its success last year, the Suzuki Celerio has again been awarded the “Best Buy” accolade at the prestigious 2019 What Car? Awards held in London on the 22nd January.

The Celerio SZ2 is now fitted with Suzuki’s higher technology Dualjet 1.0 litre-petrol engines as standard offering greater flexibility and the price remains at only £8,999. Meanwhile, the higher specification SZ3 Dualjet is available for just £10,499

Suzuki are indeed well renowned for producing small cars and SUV’s that are exacting in giving customer’s what they crave for in an extremely good value for money vehicle.

Echoing this statement is the Suzuki Ignis that remains consistent in its reliability whilst being one the most economical vehicles on the road.

In summary, Dualjet utilises twin fuel injectors for improved fuel economy and the engine design positions the injectors very close to the inlet valves which allows for a finer fuel atomisation (or mixture) offering greater on road flexibility. Tested under the latest WLTP regulation, Celerio Dualjet has a CO2 emissions figure of 108g/km and a Combined fuel consumption figure of 58.8mpg.

Worth noting is that What Car? achieved just 1mpg less than this figure in their True Mpg testing and in the magazine’s recently published fuel efficiency results, Suzuki has three models in the top 10 which are Ignis (first place) Celerio (second place) and Baleno (sixth place).

Suzuki – always a winner – on the road and in your wallet.