Suzuki Top Of The-Class in reliability Survey.

Planning on keeping your vehicle for as long as possible? It goes without saying that you’ll need to make the right choice with regards to dependability, reliability and consistency. Enter Suzuki.

The 2019 What Car? Reliability Survey, in which over 18,000 readers reported on their car ownership experience from new and up to five years old, as well as a separate poll of ownership of cars over five years old.

Of the 31 car brands measured, Suzuki ranked third in the league table with a score of 97.3 per cent. Furthermore, when ownership was measured from cars over five years old, Suzuki was second with a very impressive score of 92.0 per cent. Some things really do get better with age! The total sample size of Suzuki owners for this year’s survey was 254 and What Car? Measured 218 different models across the industry.

The Suzuki Celerio won the City and Small car class with owners reporting a staggering 98.9 per cent reliability during their ownership period placing it way ahead of the 94.7 per cent average reliability score for the class. Meanwhile, in the small SUV sector, The Suzuki Vitara was not too far behind with a score of 97.6 per cent from an average score of 93.3 per cent.

Editor of What Car? Magazine Steve Huntingford comments: “Long-term dependability is important for used car buyers and anyone wanting to keep their car for a long time. Suzuki is one of a few brands whose cars remain persistently reliable as the years pile on,”

If only everything in life were as reliable as Suzuki.

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