Suzuki is Most Reliable Once Again

The results of the latest Warranty Direct survey have been published by What Car? Magazine! It once again reinforces Suzuki's reputation as one of the most reliable car brands, as they achieved another fantastic score on the Reliability Index - just 48 points.

The Reliability Index accounts for all factors involved in car repair including the cost of parts, frequency of failures as well as the time spent off the road to provide a total that measures the level of reliability. The lower the points total, the more reliable the car. The average score across all manufacturers tested was 149 points, so Suzuki's impressive score of just 48 certainly stood out.

The Suzuki cars tested in the survey had an average age of 5.35 years, a mileage of 39,200 miles with the time spend off the road at just 1.93 hours in the event of a warranty claim. Suzuki also features the lowest average repair cost of all the manufactures tested, at just £256.

The low cost of ownership really showed in the Supermini/City car segment, with the Alto model averaging 5.15 years old and ranking as one of the cheapest cars to repair, averaging just £118. The Alto also managed a Reliability Index score of just 14.00 points with an average off road time of just 1.2 hours.

The reputation of low cost ownership will continue with the release of the all new Celerio City car that is available with a new technology Dual-jet engine, offering CO2 emissions of just 84g/km and a fuel economy figure of 78.4mpg measured on the EC Combined fuel consumption cycle. The Swift also features the new Dual-jet engine, and has a fuel economy figure of 65.7mpg whilst emitting just 99g/km of CO2.

To find out more about the all new Celerio or the Swift, visit our Suzuki dealership in Watford or contact us using the buttons above.