The proof is in the (Christmas) pudding that when it comes to reliability, Suzuki is the name to trust. It’s never been more important to choose wisely when it comes to purchasing a second-hand vehicle and reliability is crucial. With that in mind, What Car? have compiled a go-to survey outlining the most trusted (and not-so trusted) names in second-hand car-buying. Who better to ask about a name that can be trusted time and again, than car drivers themselves?

They asked no fewer than 16,000 car owners to reveal just how reliable their cars had been over the period of one year, with the average age of the vehicle being between six and fifteen years old. Various categories saw different results but the one name that stood out was Suzuki. This was the brand with models that suffered very few faults and were easy on the pocket to repair. In fact, the Vitara was one of just three models to rack up a perfect reliability rating.

In the Small Car category, Suzuki’s Swift ranked highly with a reliability rating of 97.8% as a good choice of small car that is highly unlikely to let you down. The SUV category saw the Suzuki Vitara produce an outstanding 100% reliability rating with owners reporting it as being the most steadfast model in Suzuki’s line-up. There has always been every good reason to purchase a Vitara, the most compelling being the fact that not one owner had reported a single fault in the one-year time frame of motoring, certainly outshining similar, more expensive brands of vehicle in the same league.

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