Suzuki and Toyota Team up

That old adage “two heads are better than one” certainly rings true as Suzuki and Toyota are teaming up to co-develop autonomous car technology in a capital sharing alliance. Toyota has been very successful when it comes to partnering up with other carmakers having already. Now its Suzuki’s turn.

So, what will this joining of forces mean and exactly what will it bring to the table?

Toyota and Suzuki have agreed to begin formal talks aimed at forging a partnership in shared procurement, green vehicles, IT and safety technologies.

Toyota will build a new hybrid car for Suzuki at its UK factory. The two brands have been working on a memorandum of understanding since February 2017 and it has now been agreed that Toyota will supply its hybrid system to Suzuki on a global scale.

Specifically mentioned in their joint- collaboration is self-driving technology in which the two companies will jointly explore at the same time whilst continuing to be competitors.

An interesting collaboration to say the least; Equally beneficial to both parties and, more importantly, the consumer.