Nissan NV250

The Nissan NV250 offers a variety of practical and functional features to help keep you safer, more connected and in control while driving.



The Nissan NV250 is perfectly designed and compact to be able to go anywhere, either between parked cars down a tight side street or to be able to manoeuvre into small spaces.

As you take a look around the new Nissan NV250 you'll be fascinated with its style and streamline aerodynamic design.​


​Take your office with you. The front passenger seat folds into a desk. Allowing you to complete your paperwork while in your van. You have access to a 12V power outlet and more storage than you'll know what to do with. No more paperwork mishaps, stow it all away keeping your electric minivan neat and tidy.

With such a large centre console display you are sure never to miss a turn. When it comes to parking this versatile van you'll have all the help you need. A clear colour rear view monitor guides you into your space with ease!


The Nissan NV250 is designed to keep you connected and in control before, during and after your journey.

A few of our favourite features are hill start assist, cruise control and extended grip.

The NV250 helps you park with ease, the rear view camera is displayed on your centre control. The closer you are to an obstacle the car will alert you with a noise and traffic light system to show how close you are with red being closest and green showing a vast amount of distance.

Take advantage of the multi touch screen auto connect to start using your favourite apps on the go. One of our customer’s favourite apps’ to use while driving is maps to drive with confidence to your next location. Spotify to listen to your favourite music and listen to podcasts as well as being connected to your phone.


In addition to all of the above, the NV250 comes with a 5 year, 100,000 miles warranty.

Multiple Options & Body Styles
Warranty 5 Years