Used Nissan cars in Chelmsford

Nissan is a Japanese manufacturer that has produced some of the best vehicles in the world, from compact city runners to spacious, family-friendly alternatives and hardworking pick-ups. At Glyn Hopkin Nissan in Chelmsford, we’re proud to offer a wide selection of stylish, high-performing runners from our modern, state-of-the-art dealership.

Our lineup is constantly being replenished as new stock arrives, so be sure to keep checking back and click on each vehicle listed for a more detailed specification. You can also reserve or buy the vehicle of your choice with a deposit of just £99. So, if you’re already a Nissan fan looking to upgrade your Nissan vehicle, or are new to the range, don’t miss our carefully selected vehicles which each have their own unique character and style.

Highlights of the range include the compact and quirky Nissan Micra renowned for its pint-sized dimensions and huge zest for life. We also have electric vehicles such as the smart and forward-thinking Nissan Leaf as well as muscular, family-friendly alternatives like the confident Nissan Juke or the modern Nissan Qashqai.

As you’d expect from such a reputable marque, all the Nissan models available come with advanced powertrains and technology systems that’ll keep you entertained, connected and safe out on the road. From in-built satellite navigation to crystal clear audio and Bluetooth, you’ll have access to modern features that’ll enhance your driving experience. All Nissan vehicles are responsive with impressive acceleration, smooth handling and finely tuned suspension to make cornering and manoeuvres a breeze.

At Glyn Hopkin, you can also take advantage of our extensive finance offers tailored to your needs as well as aftersale services that’ll give you peace of mind long after you’ve left the forecourt. Enquire online or contact us today for more information.