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Why Buy Diesel?

Long Distance Driving

Diesel powered vehicles are renowned for their long lasting tendencies. For high-mileage drivers, petrol vehicles aren't ideal since the engines wear down a lot quicker in comparison to a diesel.

Drivers who often find themselves on motorways making long distance drives and commuting back and forth between distant locations will benefit greatly from a diesel engine since they'll get a lot more mileage out of it. It's also the more economical option since diesel engines generally consume less fuel.​

Improved Engines and Emissions

Cars made after the year 2015 are built to Euro 6 standards. This means that they're required to emit around a third of the NOx and a fifth of the particulates of a car built before the year 2009.

Diesel cars and much more efficient than their petrol equivalents when it comes to producing CO2. Not only do they use less fuel compared to a petrol car but they even emit 20% less CO2. It's even more economical since most diesel cars now have selective catalytic reduction systems which reduce emissions.

Superior Towing Capabilities

Diesel cars have much better towing capabilities compared to their petrol counterparts which is why most heavy duty trucks use diesel powered engines. Towing and hauling heavy loads is much easier with a diesel vehicle.

One of the main reasons for this is because diesel power vehicles generally have more torque than petrol cars, which instantly makes the more reliable for the working individual who needs to carry heavy payloads of tow another vehicle.

Fuel Economy

People want to spend less at the pump, that's just common knowledge. The reason diesels are often favoured over petrol powered vehicles is because the fuel economy is much better. Some diesel models can improve mileage by more than 20% which is a massive boost.

Most models provide better fuel economy and acceleration that makes the vehicle feel as if it's hosting a larger engine. A vehicle that feels like a powerhouse and still consumes less fuel is certainly something to be in awe of.

Government Plans

The Government has made it clear that charging cars to enter a Clean Air Zone is a measure of last resort for the authorities. It's the absolute last choice after all other alternatives have been exhausted.

There are no Government plans to change the taxation laws on diesel vehicles that will retrospectively punish motorists, especially since new diesel cars, by September 2018, will have passed a strict emissions test carried out under real driving conditions.