EV Motability at Glyn Hopkin

An electrified Motability vehicle can be adapted to suit your particular needs, often free of charge, making it easier for you to access, drive and transport heavy items such as a mobility scooter. Our mobility electric cars offer all the same benefits as regular mobility cars. This means that insurance for up to three named drivers, servicing and MOT and RAC Breakdown Cover are all included.

What’s more, the implementation and cost of a standard home charge point is included for customers who choose a fully electric Motability vehicle. You’ll also be provided with access to bp pulse, which features a network of more than 9,000 UK-wide public charge points. Of course, if you prefer a Mobility vehicle that offers self-charging convenience, we have plenty of great options for you.

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Benefits of Going Electric/Hybrid

Charging support When you lease a plug-in hybrid or fully electric Motability vehicle with Glyn Hopkin, we’ll arrange and pay for a standard domestic chargepoint installation. If it’s not possible for a chargepoint to be installed at your home, we’ll provide you with free access to the bp pulse network of more than 9,000 public charge points.
Choice for everyone Whatever your driving preferences or needs, we can provide you with an electrified vehicle that will suit you down to the ground – we have everything from city cars to SUVs to MPVs.
Cheaper running costs An electrified vehicle is more efficient than a purely combustion-engined equivalent. This is especially true of a plug-in hybrid, which returns considerable miles to the gallon – while a 100% electric vehicle is the most efficient form of motor car of all.
Automatic driving Not everyone is comfortable with a gearstick, and in many cases, a disability can rule out the possibility of manual driving completely. Happily, we have a wide range of models that offer the convenience of automatic motoring.
Affordable options With each of our franchises, we provide affordable options to suit a range of budgets. Please click on an automotive brand that interests you, then click the Offers tab at the top of the page and select Motability Offers to discover our latest deals.
Greener lifestyle Electrified cars produce fewer CO2 emissions than their petrol/diesel counterparts. Indeed, plug-in hybrids produce considerably fewer emissions – and 100% electric vehicles produce none at all.

Electric/Hybrid Vehicles Available on the Motability Scheme


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Any queries? Please consult our frequently asked questions. If you can’t find the answer you require, don’t hesitate to contact us.

    Should I get an electric or hybrid Motability vehicle?


    If you want to save money on fuel while producing fewer emissions, yes. If you’re not sure which kind of electrified vehicle to choose, please get in touch for completely impartial advice.

    Can you adapt an electric or hybrid Motability car to my needs?


    Absolutely. We offer a wide range of vehicle adaptations, many of which are available free of charge.

    Can I get an automatic electrified car on Motability?


    Yes. Most electric cars are automatic and many of our hybrid and plug-in hybrid models are available with automatic transmission.

    How do I find my nearest EV charge point?


    If you choose a plug-in hybrid or 100% electric vehicle on Motability, you can download the Zapmap app for free from the App Store or Google Play. Zapmap provides access to more than 30,300 public charging locations around the UK.