MG Goes electric...

Although it’s difficult to even contemplate autumn right now, there is one very good reason to embrace it this year.....

MG will be show casing their all-electric eZS SUV and it will certainly prove itself to be something of a show-stopper.

Starting from £12,495 the eZS will come with a seven year warranty. Further pricing information will be released closer to the car’s launch.

The new model has a single electric motor driving the front wheels and producing 148bhp with 350 Nm – enough to take the 4.3 meter-long crossover from 0-31mph in 3.1 seconds.

MG hasn’t issued a battery size as yet however, it says the eZS can travel for428km, or 266 miles between charges. It also appears to have a fast-charging capacity with MG further revealing it would take only 30 minutes to replenish up to 80 per cent charge.

Inside the eZS would prove equally impressive with a further evolution of MG’s cockpit layout and infotainment system and a glossy central display and also a digital screen between conventional dials in its instrument panel.

Autumn promises to be electric.