Why Go Electric? MG has doubled its vehicle range with the addition of three new electrified models. Offering sleek, sophisticated alternatives to petrol and diesel powered family cars, these options deliver an exciting yet clean way to travel, whether you’re tackling city streets, country lanes or busy motorways. Built with families in mind, each model also comes with generous space and supreme comfort as standard.

MG iSmart

The innovative MG iSMART system is designed to elevate your driving experience by delivering a new level of control and interaction with your MG4 EV, MG ZS EV and MG5 EV Long Range.

After downloading the dedicated app, the MG iSMART system integrates car, internet and user communication, giving you the power to operate several key functions using hands-free voice control.

In addition, you can also find your parked car, check its status and find your nearest charging point. MG iSMART even looks after your MG electric car without you being in the car.

You can pre-start the climate control system to cool or heat the car before entering and also use the app to schedule battery charging whenever works best for you.

Benefits of buying electric

Electric and hybrid models are an excellent choice for the environmentally conscious, but they also offer benefits to drivers. Not only are running and maintenance costs lower thanks to their efficiency and the reduced number of moving parts under the bonnet, drivers can also enter low-emissions and restricted urban areas without incurring a penalty. In addition, business users pay a lower benefit-in-kind rate. Electrified vehicles also deliver exciting performance, since the electric motor produces instant torque and extra power.

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