Mobilize Home Charger - the simple way to install your home charger

Mobilize Home Charger is Renault’s approved home charging solution that can be ordered at the same time as buying your new Renault vehicle.  What’s more the home charger can be included in your vehicle finance, making the transaction simple and affordable.

everything you need to charge your electric vehicle

The Mobilize Home Charger offers a complete end-to-end solution that includes a physical home survey, a robust tethered charging unit, installation and commissioning, an app enabling you to manage charging from your phone and an industry leading 5-year warranty.

reliability and convenience

Mobilize Power Solutions is part of the Renault Group and all of its solutions go through stringent testing to make sure they are compatible with all of Renault’s E-Tech pure electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. What’s more Mobilize Power Solutions helps you get the most out of your electric vehicle by ensuring your home charger is installed when and where you want it and with a simple app makes it easy to use.
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your journey made simple

We look after everything from your on-site survey through to commissioning the unit and what’s more, it is easy to use, so no need for complicated manuals and guides.

You can order your Mobilize Home Charger through the Renault Retailer at the same time as your new Renault E-Tech or plug-in hybrid vehicle. All you need to do is book in a survey through your Renault Retailer, and your installation journey starts.

Once your survey date has been submitted, you will be contacted by our installation partner, Plug Me In, who will carry out the survey and arrange the installation of your Mobilize Home Charger. You will receive emails throughout the installation journey to let you know what stage of the process you are in. The typical installation takes 5-6 weeks to complete.*

*depending on the works that may need to be carried out by your regional energy supplier.

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The Indra Smart LUX™ has the highest level of protection against water and dust on the market (IP67). The Indra Smart LUX™ also has class-leading impact resistance (IK 10).

Smart LUX™ is inspired by the Latin word for light, and this is most clearly expressed in the eye-catching Turbine Lights. A unique light sequence provides a welcoming handshake and communicates the charger's status.

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Smart by name, and smart by nature, the Smart PRO makes EV charging easy and convenient, helping you save money and charge your EV when energy is greenest.

Designed, engineered, and built in Britain to the highest standards, the Smart PRO is quick and easy to install, plus it comes with a 3-year warranty as standard.

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more than just a home charger

intelligent home charging

The Mobilize Home Charger has been developed and manufactured in the UK by INDRA Renewable Technologies Limited. It offers advanced, innovative technology to ensure your vehicle is charged ready for your journey, and if you have an off-peak tariff, you can charge your vehicle at the cheapest time.

Its benefits include:

  • A physical home survey: an experienced surveyor will check your home electrics and ensure your preferred unit location is suitable.
  • Scheduled charging: enables you to charge in line with your planned journeys and if you have an off-peak tariff, you can schedule your charge at the cheapest time. 
  • Boost: The boost setting will override the scheduled setting to immediately top up your battery and ensure your vehicle is ready to go.
  • Energy Monitor:  An easy to use app enables you to input all your vehicle and electricity tariff details so you can track and monitor your energy consumption and costs in real time.
  • Solar matching: If you have solar panels, you can increase self-consumption and reduce your costs, with the ability to use surplus solar output to charge your EV.
  • Over the air updates: Your home charger is automatically updated with the latest updates.

Reliability and reassurance

leading technology

Mobilize Power Solutions has partnered with INDRA Renewable Technologies Limited to provide one of the smartest home charging solutions on the market. The Mobilize Home Charger has gone through Renault’s rigorous testing so that it adheres to UK industry standards and is compatible with current vehicle technology as well as next generation models.

What’s more, INDRA Renewable Technologies Limited continuously develops new functionality that can be automatically uploaded onto your Mobilize Home Charger and app. Forward thinking includes integrating Vehicle 2 Grid (V2G) technology so your car can be turned into an energy storage system, which allows you to sell any excess energy stored in your EV’s battery back to the National Grid.

This not only helps you earn money but helps balance supply across the National Grid when demand for energy is at its highest. In addition, developments in Vehicle 2 Home (V2H), means that you will be able to use energy stored in your vehicle battery to run electrical appliances in your home during peak times.**

**This functionality is not currently accessible, but you will be notified and upgraded when available.

national coverage, exceptional service

Mobilise Power Solutions only uses approved installation engineers to fit the Mobilize Home Charger to your home. These engineers are from Plug Me In, part of Lowri Beck who are Government certified and are responsible for rolling out the nations’ smart meters and cover installations across the UK.

We don’t rely on a questionnaire to assess how and where the Mobilize Home Charger will be fitted. An experienced surveyor will come to your house and carry out the initial survey and confirm where you want it fitted.  If there are any additional works they believe needs to be completed before the installation of your Mobilize Home Charger, they will ask you to report their findings to your regional energy provider or distribution network operator.

This will guarantee all works are regulated and carried out safely as well as helping to speed up the installation process. Your energy provider will also invoice you direct for any additional works. Plug Me In is accountable for the final installation and commissioning of your unit and will ensure you know how to use your home charger as well as set it up on your home WiFi.

control at your fingertips

The Mobilize Home Charger is simple to use. Your vehicle will start charging as soon as you plug in.  However, you also have the option to schedule your charging in-line with a cheaper off-peak tariff.  Your Mobilize Home Charger app, can also be personalised with vehicle details and your energy supplier tariff, which means you can measure accurate energy consumption and costs. What’s more you can always ensure your vehicle is ready to go, by pressing a boost button on your app or on the charger. This will override the scheduled charging and recharge your battery immediately.

simplicity in design

The Mobilize Home Charger is discreet and ergonomic with an easy to see charging status indicator light. It also incorporates a boost button that will over-ride your scheduled charge. It is weather durable with a waterproof and lockable shutter that is compatible with indoor and outdoor use.

The unit generates 7kW of power, which is typical for a home charger as it is easily accommodated in your domestic electrics and will complete a full charge in 8 hours.

Image shown for illustrative purposes only. Mobilize Home Charger will differ to the product shown above.