Mitsubishi debut new eX Concept at Geneva Motor Show

Mitsubishi Motors has debuted the eX Concept at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. Premiering for the first time in Europe, the Ex Concept comes in the shape of a compact SUV driven by an innovative EV system which provides a cruising range of up to 248 miles.


Outside, the eX concept makes a bold stance using a dense, solid form that looks as if it has been carved from a single block, while still maintaining elegance and stylishness with compact SUV lines. Ideal for those with sporty lifestyles the eX concept has more than enough room in the luggage compartment for outdoor pursuit gear.

Taking the MMC Dynamic Shield design concept a step forward the front fascia offers a more functional direction designed to protect people and car alike.

Smart positioning of the daytime running lights and signals at the top of the fenders enable better visibility to pedestrians while headlights located under the ends of the bumper prevent blinding other vehicles and pedestrians.


Inside, the cabin offers effortless access and a spacious and stylish interior for an enjoyable journey every time.The use of different colouring for the dash and door trim for the driver and passengers sides of the cockpit create a new-look ambiance while giving the impression of an interior that is sporty, bright and spacious.

A simple frame structure for the dashboard, instrument cluster and other major elements of the front compartment not only create a sense of being light in weight visually, but also serve to reduce the actual weight of the car.

The car comes with a generous array of features which includes an augmented reality windshield and an Intelligent Display in the centre of the dashboard which can link to the driver’s smartphone and offer recommendations based on their interest and tastes.

Next-generation EV System

The next-generation EV system fitted in the Mitsubishi eX concept combines a second-generation high-capacity high-performance battery with compact high-output electric motors front and rear. This arrangement not only makes the EV system lighter and more efficient but also results in a cruising range of up to 248 miles.

The Twin Motor 4WD system delivers power to all four wheels through the s-AWC integrated vehicle dynamics control system, which uses braking to control front wheel torque delivery and electronically-controlled mechanical Active Yaw component.With AYC, the system controls torque-split between the rear wheels and aids the driver with following their chosen line more closely.

Autonomous driving technologies

The Mitsubishi eX concept is capable of semi-autonomous operation on roads when data from cameras and sensors can be used to analyse the situation surrounding the vehicle and can automatically increase or decrease vehicle speed, maintain in lane or change lane.

Innovative Valet Parking Assistant is also featured in the car. This intelligent feature links car parking systems at hotels or restaurants with the vehicle’s autonomous manoeuvring system and allows the vehicle to find its own parking spot, park itself and be retrieved without any driver input.