Mitsubishi at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show

Mitsubishi will debut their Mitsubishi eX Concept compact SUV at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show this month.

The Mitsubishi stand has the theme of ‘Driving Beyond – Another Step Forward with SUVs and Electric Power,’ and the new eX Concept takes centre stage.

Distinctive ‘shooting brake’ design

This striking new concept car has been inspired by the ‘shooting brake’ car – a hatchback that has the flowing style of a coupe, originating from British hunting-use horse carriages.

The Mitsubishi eX Concept has a futuristic, elegant shape, indicating the direction Mitsubishi’s styling is taking with future models. The front bonnet has been redesigned, with daytime running lights and indicator lights on the top to make them more visible to pedestrians, as well as headlights under the ends of the bumper to avoid dazzling oncoming traffic.

It’s easy to enter the eX Concept, as the centre pillars have been removed, giving a more open and welcoming interior. The driver and passenger seats have different colours to give each side of the car a different ambience. The centre console has two portable batteries that can be used outside of the car, supporting active lifestyles.

Augmented Reality windshield and Intelligent Display dashboard

The main feature of the eX Concept is the Augmented Reality windshield and the Intelligent Display dashboard. This new type of display is designed to link to connected car technology, giving a whole new dimension to the in-car experience.

The Augmented Reality dashboard is designed to give drivers useful information, without having to take their eyes off the road. This includes navigation directions, vehicle-to-vehicle distance alerts, lane departure warnings, and information from traffic signs acquired by the road sign recognition system.

The Intelligent Display at the top of the dashboard is designed to link to a smartphone app. Users can search for information on their smartphone or PC, and display this on the eX Concept’s display via AI. The AI function will then make route and search recommendations based on its understanding of the driver’s interests and hobbies.

Latest technologies

It uses the latest in EV technology, including a high capacity, high performance battery as well as a compact high output electric motor to give a cruising range of up to 248 miles. In addition, the new eX Concept can truly go anywhere, with its low centre of gravity and Twin Motor 4WD and S-AWC (Super All Wheel Control) giving ultimate handling and stability under all conditions.

Other new technologies include Side View and Rear View Monitors – replacing traditional side view and rear view mirrors. These high-definition cameras provide wider and clear images of the view around the car compared to conventional mirrors.