Delighted David Customer Collects Seventh Mitsubishi

One of Mitsubishi's long standing customers recently took collection of his seventh Mitsubishi model, claiming that the modern advancements on today's models have confirmed his faith in his favourite brand.

David Spencer first bought a Mitsubishi back in 1997, taking ownership of a practical Space Runner, and has never looked back. He is now the proud owner of a Mitsubishi Outlander GX3 – the UK's best selling plug-in hybrid.

“It's been the reliability over the years that's been the main thing, I have never had any problem with any of the Mitsubishi cars I have had," explained David. 'And they are very comfortable. I have friends and family with various German cars and I find the ride too hard."

The 78 year old from West Wales has also found the modern driving aids installed in today's vehicles come in handy when tackling his local country roads. “I like the steering wheel gearshift paddles on the Outlander as we have a lot of tight corners round here, and I can easily shift down and keep the revs up. Last night I went out and tested the hill start assist and can give it a big thumb's up – it worked really well."

Along with his Space Runner and Outlander PHEV, David has also owned a Space Wagon, Space Star, Outlander Duel Fuel, Shogun and an Outlander Juro – which he claims is probably the best car he's ever owned.

David is not the only one to notice the benefits of owning the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. It quickly became the best selling plug-in hybrid in the UK when it went on sale last year, with customers drawn to the all-electric mileage of 32.5 miles and the ultra-low emissions of only 44g/km on the combined fuel cycle.

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