Since the end of the 1970s, the Mitsubishi L200 has been a game-changer in the truck world. It has gone from strength to strength, (literally) in popularity and its sixth edition is looking to be the most successful yet.

The L200 has always combined the power and authority to meet life’s toughest challenges whilst keeping impeccable road manners. Now meet it’s new and improved version which is more than capable of tackling all but the toughest challenges.

Not too much has changed. It’s somehow bolder in its presence and tougher on the inside. You’ll still recognise it’s clean, rugged looks as it passes by however, to really appreciate all that’s new, it goes without saying that you really must take it for a test drive.

Among its new features, the sixth generation L200 features a blind-spot warning system with lane change assist, lane departure warning, hill-start assist, rear cross traffic alert, forward collision warning with automatic emergency braking and trailer-stability assist. It also boasts an enormous 21-litre Adblue tank, which-it is said to only need filling every 12,000 miles

The new 2.3-litre, four- cylinder diesel engine makes its presence known without being too pretentious. It subsequently gets up to speed effortlessly no matter the load capacity.

In short, the L200 carries over elements of the Series 5 model’s chassis and interior, but receives a new, down-sized engine, completely new suspension geometry and a host of new technology and driver assistance features.

A Club Cab version with seating for four, complete with an extra long bed (stretching to 1, 850 mm) kick-starts a slightly revised line-up.

The mechanical underpinnings of pick- up trucks rarely lend themselves to a comfortable ride, however not in the case of the L200. It’s all down to the stronger chassis, new springs and dampers with increased spring rate on the front axle and a more complex rear leaf spring set up.

So, with its strong, rugged body, advanced safety features, roomy and comfortable cabin and its outstanding off-road capabilities, the sixth -generation Mitsubishi L200 is certainly no ordinary pick-up truck.

The tough just got tougher.