Fun, delivered in an award-winning package called the Alpine A110.

This bespoke coupe has just been voted winner in the Parkers New Car Awards 2023 as ‘Best Fun Car’.

Don’t be fooled, however. With Its lightness of build, based on all-aluminium architecture, it loves the fun stuff but certainly doesn’t sweat the serious stuff. So, whether you are popping to the shops for some milk or tackling the rougher terrains of a mountain pass, you’re guaranteed a good time in the Alpine A110.

The Alpine A110 has an awful lot up its sleeve.

Having been designed and developed with an obsessive attention to detail for weight saving, this pretty car is powered a mid-mounted four-cylinder turbocharged engine driving the rear wheels.

It weighs just 1,103kg and is lighter than all of its rivals, being blessed with an impressive power-to-weight ratio.

The bespoke Sabelt racing seats weigh just 13kg each. Furthermore, the rear brake calipers incorporate an electronic parking brake actuator, (a world first to reduce costs), and even the stereo gets lightweight speakers to pare those all-important kilos.

The Alpine A110 also comes with the added bonus of not getting through petrol consumption at a high rate, making it far less of a financial burden than many of its competitors.

The fun doesn’t stop there.

The Alpine A110 is available in a number of versions including varying degrees of focus on power and different ride/handling set-ups, depending on just how driver-focused you want.

The Alpine A110. It’s fun but that’s just the beginning.