New Alpine A110

Stylish, sophisticated and with an unmistakable silhouette, the A110 turns heads for the right reasons and is available in our showroom now!




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    Details The A110 combines heritage, using elements of the mythical berlinette style, with contemporary and a design highlighted by LED "X" shaped tail lights with integrated scrolling indicators. A perfect and timeless balance shaped by the team of designers led by Anthony Villain.
    Silhouette The silhouette of the Alpine A110 can be seen in a single line. Both sleek and elegant, it features a bodywork that covers the mechanical parts as closely as possible, a lowered seat and center of gravity, a wide curved rear window and dug-out sides that highlight prominent wheel arches.
    Light Signature Four optics with full LED headlights forge a distinctive light signature inspired by the first cult models of the new A110.
    Aluminium bodywork An exceptional metal, aluminium is an omnipresent component of the Alpine A110. Its riveted and welded bodywork and underbody are made of it for a perfect balance. A nod to the past: its hollowed sides and the central rib on the hood that remind us of the old berlinettes.


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      Inner harmony On board the A110, the driver is overwhelmed by emotions emanating from the subtly chosen materials. Aluminium is complementary to leather. The use of carbon supports the car's sporty soul. The lightness of the structure is nuanced by the raised console and bucket seats. The modern atmosphere and comfort are supported by smartphone replication technology and air conditioning.
      User-friendliness The A110 is a user-friendly space with easy access through lowered thresholds and headroom that is suitable for all drivers, even the tallest. On board, it houses rear and front storage spaces for personal belongings.
      Seats The bucket seats of the pure A110 are equipped with incomparable comfort and lightness. The design of the hull and metal supports allows them to be lighter with only 14.1 kg each.
      Steering Wheel The leather-covered flat wheel accompanies each gear with its driving mode selector. Positioned to provide the driver with an optimal seat, the steering wheel is adjustable in height and depth, and aluminium gearshift paddles are directly accessible from the steering column.


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        Turbocharged engine The heart of the Alpine A110 beats to the rhythm of the 4-cylinder turbocharged engine located at the rear of the vehicle. A 1.8L direct injection engine dedicated to performance, which delivers a stunning acceleration response that is ideal for the most sporty situations. And to reinforce its sporty character, the A110 expresses itself through a sound identity that conveys emotion.
        Transmission Unparalleled driving fluidity is ensured by the dual clutch transmission. Each gear shift is instinctively and smoothly made. The transition to aluminium pallets allows manual gear shifting and a more sporty look.
        Suspension and Brakes Its ease and dexterity on the road, the A110 owes it to its light weight but also to its double wishbone suspension system. The best option for perfect handling and balance in all conditions. Each piece has been chosen for a quality of driving that expresses sensations. Brembo's brakes are a perfect example of this, specifically selected for their endurance and braking performance, whether on the track, on major roads or on narrower roads.
        Vector torque distribution The stability and agility of the A110 is maximized by the distribution of torque transmission between the front and rear. In any environment, including on slippery surfaces, the A110 provides unfailing traction and balance.


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          Modernity The A110 keeps the spirit of the Alpine brand alive by integrating cutting-edge technologies. A unique and personalized experience at your fingertips with its automatic gearbox and three distinctive driving modes.
          Driving mode selector switch Three driving modes to match the road in any situation: Normal, Sport and Race. Three new driving experiences, each mode affects acceleration control, steering assistance, gearshift, exhaust sound, dynamic driving control (ESC) system.
          Touch screen display The Alpine A110 features a concentration of technologies accessible from its 7-inch high-resolution touch screen. This control tower offers multiple features including a European satellite navigation system and replication for Android and iOS smartphones.
          Audio-focal System The stability and agility of the A110 are maximized by the distribution of torque transmission between the front and rear. In any environment, including on slippery surfaces, the A110 provides unfailing traction and balance.


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            A110 PURE The A110 Pure is the version closest to the iconic Berlinette that won the Monte Carlo Rally in 1973. It has everything a rally driver could want and is firmly at the core of Alpine’s values: agility, vivacity and the joy of driving. Its racing roots shine through in its look: leather microfibre Sabelt bucket seats and an internal carbon fibre finish.
            A110 LÉGENDE The A110 Légende adds power to the framework of the A110 Pure: it has the same powertrain and the same suspension regulations. It’s a GT-style sports car set apart by its finish: a choice of comfortable seating with six-way adjustable seats, upholstered in black or brown leather with features for day-to-day driving simplicity like parking sensors and a reverse camera. Its refinement is rounded off with a sleek carbon fibre interior and 18" rims. The Légende version is defined by elegance and versatility.
            A110S With high engine power and a focused suspension setup, A110S offers an intense sports car driving experience. The chassis is tuned for ultimate handling response and steering precision while the engine is optimised for thrilling power delivery. Unique styling elements such as black wheels and carbon flags emblems, orange brake calipers and Dinamica upholstery mirror the car’s purposeful character.
            A110 LÉGENDE GT Limited to 400 examples, the A110 Légende GT is appreciated for its perfect details and quality materials. Each element has been carefully chosen to convey a harmonious feeling of sophistication and warmth. This is reflected in its Mercury Silver hue, pale gold ornaments and its amber leather-trimmed interior.
            A110 COLOUR EDITION 2020 A colourful vision of the A110 emerges with the Colour Edition 2020, only available this year as its name suggests. Intensity is the key word of this version thanks to its sport chassis, borrowed from the A110S, and its striking design, highlighted by its exclusive Sunflower Yellow shade and its contrasting black elements.
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