Alfa Romeo Vehicle Valuation

Simply give your vehicle registration and mileage along with a way to receive your valuation.
Sell Your Car to a Reputable Dealer Considering selling your current car quickly but unsure of what to expect? We can guide you through the process. Car buying services often prove to be the fastest way to sell your car. Simply enter a few details online and they will offer you an estimated price for your vehicle. However, your valuation can change depending on the condition of your car. When you take your vehicle to the premises of a car buying service, your car will be inspected before the final price is agreed.
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Get started Enter your postcode, vehicle registration and mileage for a free, quick and easy valuation
Your Vehicle Details
Step 1 Your Vehicle Details Enter your registration plate and we'll lookup your vehicle. Just confirm it's the right one and enter your mileage.
How to be Contacted
Step 2 How to be Contacted Complete our easy form to enter your name contact details so we can provide your valuation.
Your Valuation
Done! Your Valuation We'll provide you with your guide price valuation all subject to inspection and our usual terms ready to for us to buy.

When it comes to selling your vehicle, a quick, hassle-free process is often preferable to placing adverts and conducting viewings yourself. Here at Glyn Hopkin Alfa Romeo, our car buying service is fast and convenient, leaving you more time to decide on your next model.

As a reputable dealer in the south and east of England, we have extensive experience with buying and selling cars. We’ll be happy to provide a free, accurate valuation with no obligation to sell to us once you’ve received our quote.

Our online valuation tool means you can get started from the comfort of your home. Simply enter a few details about your model and some contact information, and we’ll send a valuation based on current market values straight to your inbox. Of course, this is an estimate only, and a full and accurate quote will be given once a member of our team has inspected your car in person. Pay a visit to your nearest Glyn Hopkin showroom and we’ll be happy to assess the condition of your vehicle and determine whether any modifications it may have will affect its value.

If you’d like to accept our offer, you can decide how to proceed. You can either sell us your car and look elsewhere for a new one, or explore our extensive stock of new and used Alfa Romeo models and use the value of your current vehicle in part-exchange.

Get started

Enter your postcode, vehicle registration and mileage to obtain a free valuation.

Step 1 – Enter your registration number and we’ve got the right vehicle. If so, enter your mileage.

Step 2 – Complete your contact details so we can send you a quote.

Step 3 – Decide whether the guide price we provide is right for you. Our estimate is subject to a full inspection.

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