Ultimate Infiniti car-art display at Westfield London
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Ultimate Infiniti car-art display at Westfield London ​

After a successful reveal of the Rachel Ducker inspired Q30 at the recent London Art Fair, the vehicle has now moved on to a larger public display taking centre stage at Westfield London, located in Shepherds Bush.

The Q30, with 48,000 copper tacks will flaunt its unique look in the premium shopping centre along with the Infiniti Q50, Q70 and for the first time in the UK, a QX70 Ultimate.

First showcasing itself at the 2015 Frankfurt motor show, and now just arriving in UK Infiniti Centres, the QX70 Ultimate adopts first-class features, technologies and craftsmanship while delivering subtle front and rear designs. These include a new front splitter and rear diffuser with integrated fog light as well as redesigned 21-inch alloy wheels.

Photographic Displays

Surrounding the vehicles will be numerous photographic displays, taken by social media influencers during a recent rest drive of the Q30 in Lisbon. Among these images, professional photographers and influencers John Rubin and Michael Schulz are also present showing off their skills behind a lens.

Josh Rubin’s work can be seen in the form of a supplied video handset on the Infiniti stand. This nifty piece of equipment enables visitors to move their viewing perspective to exactly where they want and get an unparalleled 360 degree view of the Infiniti Q30 and the stunning surroundings of Krakow – where Josh drove the Q30.

Michael Schulz, and urban photographer, has one of the most popular German Instagram accounts with over 300,000 followers. Michael’s images captured from his camera and smartphone show his adventures around the streets and underground spaces of Berlin alongside the Q30.

Details of the Q30 Display

The 48,000 copper tacks covering half of the Q30’s body create a striking appearance that further highlights the vehicles strong and dynamic bodylines. However, this was not an easy job as each copper tack took approximately 10 seconds to adhere to the body of the Q30 and therefore took 8000 minutes or over 666 hours to complete the final model.

Bringing the vehicle to life is one of Rachel’s steel wire figures which leans out of the side window giving the perception of her coloured hair flowing through the wind.

Half of the Q30 remains untouched to demonstrate how the new active compact car looks, but the other side is fully covered in copper tacks. From a distance these tacks give the appearance of a long layer of copper hair, but touch and you will receive a sharp bed of nails texture. These tacks were especially chosen because of their colouring which is able to radiate a variety of different shaded depending on the lighting conditions and angle of viewing – similar to the liquid copper Q30 launch colour.

The free to public Infiniti display, situated in the Atrium area of the Westfield London Shopping Centre, is open now until the 14 th February 2016.

For more information about the Infiniti Q30 and the rest of our Infiniti range visit our Infiniti Centre St. Albans, or contact us using the buttons above.