New Alpine A110 | Glyn Hopkin

The All-New Alpine A110 is coming soon to Glyn Hopkin!




The new Alpine A110 is enticing, light and fun, rekindling the spirit of the famed berlinette. At its core, the Alpine A110 is a taut line drawn in a single stroke. It’s a skin wrapped ever so tightly around powertrain, lowered seating and centre of gravity. 

The expansive curved rear screen, and side panels with accent lines, highlight the pronounced wheel arches. This is an automobile with fluid lines that make it appear magnetically attracted to the ground.

Details matter. At the front, the A110 revives the signature four headlamps with full LED technology. At the rear, a focus on weight reduction guided the design of the centre exhaust. 

The interior features a striking contrast between warm and cool materials: exposed metal elements pair perfectly with the leather interior. Carbon fibre further enhances the A110’s sporty feel.


The A110 is a compact car that combines a sleek appearance with aerodynamic effi ciency, boasting the type of flat underbody found in the world of supercars and racing cars. A diffuser located under the rear bumper generates the downforce required for stability even at high speeds. The resulting aerodynamic efficiency has eliminated the need for a rear spoiler.


The bucket seats – designed in partnership with Sabelt – are both comfortable and lightweight. The one-piece shell and visible support rails offer substantial weight savings. Each seat weighs 13.1 kg – far below the category average.


Compact Brembo rear brake caliper incorporating the parking brake contribute to weight saving. The dual-material discs of the A110 are designed to cool down quickly after heating up. The car’s lightness means that it always has a short braking distance, even in diffi cult conditions.

0 - 100 kmh in 4.5 sec

Tipping the scales at 1,103 kg – Kerb Weight – the featherweight A110 Première Édition is powered by a four-cylinder 1.8 L turbo engine that generates 252 PS and 320 Nm of torque (140g/km of CO 2, subject to official confirmation), with acceleration to match: from 0 to 100 kmh in 4.5 seconds.